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Home of the patent protected 100% ANTIMICROBIAL Floor Mats designed to improve the airport passenger experience as they walk through security!

Everybody loves BellaMat™ Mats and Runners:

TSA… "A welcome addition to airport security." TSA representatives say their number one complaint from passengers is the shoe removal requirement. BellaMat™ mats and runners help allay passenger concerns without compromising security. 

Airports…BellaMat mats and runners help airports improve the passenger experience. Miami-Dade Aviation Director Emilio T. Gonzaléz, said it best, "This is something people have talked about, and people have asked about, my wife especially… 'why do I have to put my feet on the bare floor?'" Now passengers moving through airport security lanes in MIA will be able to walk on comfortable floor mats that have been protected with antimicrobial material.

Airport Passengers…Independent research confirms that 80% of passengers prefer walking on 100% antimicrobial floor mats as they walk through security checkpoints.