Improve brand awareness, main message communication and purchase intent with BellaMat™ mats and runners

Third party research validates the power of advertising on BellaMat™ Mats and Runners. Whether you’re an airport or a brand advertiser, you can communicate directly with 100% of your outbound passengers who spend on average 10minutes in the captive environment.

Right Target:

Broad reach among business and leisure travelers
Over-delivers on important demos like Frequent Flyers, Males 25-54
Well Educated, High Income
Sophisticated Shoppers that spend money
Early Adopters of lifestyle brands, technology, cultural events

High Impact Message:

100% reach during period of heightened awareness
Passengers taking off their shoes always look down to see what they are walking on
High quality, 4-color graphic capability for high impact
Tailor message to unique, unexpected environment
Customize by geography, seasonality, special events
Flexible timing to meet your brand needs


Captive Audience:

Passengers spend, on average, 10 minutes in airport security checkpoints. That’s 10 minutes of uninterrupted, high impact brand impressions
High volume exposure and frequency!


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