Miami International Airport partners with BellaMat to improve the airport experience for 44 Million passengers

It’s time to provide your passengers with a more comfortable and sanitary way to get through security checkpoints!

Improved Sanitation and Health: BellaMat™ Mats and Runners are 100% antimicrobial and protect your feet from harmful microbes found on the floor.

More Comfort: Walking in socks or going barefoot on a cold, hard floor can be uncomfortable. BellaMat™ Mats and Runners are made using injection molded fibers that are soft, comfortable and safe to walk on.

Faster Speed: BellaMat™ Mats and Runners guide you through the screening process and reduce secondary screening.

Eco-friendly: BellaMat™ Mats and Runners are made in America and  use a 100% recyclable material using Green Smart®  P.E.T. manufacturing technology.

Reduced Costs: BellaMat™ Mats and Runners are durable and last up to three months. They are quick and easy to install, remove, dispose and replace saving you valuable time and installation money.