New patent protected 100% antimicrobial BellaMat™ mats and runners100% Safe…100% Easy to install…100% Recyclable

BellaMat™ mats and runners started as a simple idea about improving passenger satisfaction at airport security checkpoints. After several years of development and design work, we believe we have met that challenge.

BellaMat™ mats and runners are incredibly durable, easy to maintain and eco-friendly. They provide long lasting sanitary protection and comfort as passengers make their way through airport security checkpoints.

Additionally, every BellaMat™ mat and runner has a space for advertising. Whether you’re an airport or a brand advertiser, you can communicate directly with your most important consumer who spends on average 10minutes in the captive environment.

BellaMat™ Features!

Patent Protected.
Labeled as a Disposable Antimicrobial Floor Mat.
Produced using Green Smart* P.E.T. manufacturing technology.
Antimicrobial material infused into mat for easy handling, cleaning, disposal, and replacement.
Easy to install with a water soluble adhesive tape for easy application no matter what the surface.
Antimicrobial material is effective for three months giving you longer lasting sanitation.
Time Strip reminds you when it’s time to replace the mats.
ADA compliant.
Size: 2 feet x 6 feet . Packed 6 to a case.