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What is a BellaMat™ mat or runner?

BellaMat™ is a patent protected antimicrobial 2×6 foot runner that incorporates advertising printed on antimicrobial film. The ad is then applied to the top of the runner or mat.

Passenger Protection

Between the time you take off your shoes in the TSA line at the airport, and the time you put them back on, your feet are unprotected. If passengers have no stockings, BellaMat™ 100% anti-microbial mats and runners protects their bare feet from germs. Even with stockings, the soft mats provide a safe, secure surface, improving the passenger experience.

New Advertising Medium

When shoes are off, passengers instinctively look down to see what they are stepping on. So, BellaMat™ runners and mats provide a totally captive audience for the advertiser. Once you pass through the security checkpoint lane, you will have seen one advertisement 7 times on average (on 6 runners and one floor mat). [BACK TO TOP]

Are 100% anti-microbial BellaMat™ mats and runners environmentally sensitive?

Yes! The soft surface is actually made of 100% recycled plastic soft drink bottles! Approximately 1.6 billion plastic bottles per year are turned into Green Smart™ P.E.T. polyester fiber. It’s all done without producing scrap materials or emissions. The durable backing contains 85% post-consumer recycled content. And the entire mat, including advertisement, is 100% anti-microbial! [BACK TO TOP]

How do BellaMat™ mats and runners help the TSA?

BellaMat™ mats and runners are 100% anti-microbial, protecting passengers and enhancing the passenger experience in the TSA lines. TSA representatives say their number one complaint from passengers is the shoe removal requirement. BellaMat™ mats and runners help allay passenger concerns without compromising security. [BACK TO TOP]

Are BellaMat™ mats and runners approved by the TSA?

The TSA does not approve or endorse products. The decision to place BellaMat™ mats and runners in airport security checkpoints is made by the airport. However, the TSA representatives believe that BellaMat™ mats and runners are a benefit to passengers going through the security checkpoints, given their protective, 100% anti-microbial surfaces, and are therefore a benefit to the TSA. [BACK TO TOP]

How do BellaMat™ mats and runners help airports?

BellaMat™ mats and runners improve the passenger experience. Also, they arecreated, placed, maintained and replaced by BellaMat™paid for by advertisersand a source of revenues for the airports. They are a seamless new revenue stream for airport management. [BACK TO TOP]

How do BellaMat™ mats and runners help airport passengers?

They protect passengers’ feet when their shoes are off in the TSA lines. [BACK TO TOP]

Who ships BellaMat™ mats and runners to the airports, places them in the TSA stations, maintains and replaces them?

BellaMat™ handles it all, seamlessly, for TSA stations, airports and advertisers. [BACK TO TOP]

Who keeps BellaMat™ mats and runner clean?

BellaMat™ mats and runners are cleaned every night by the airport cleaning crew. The mats and runners are made from durable 100% recyclable material and are designed to maintain their highest quality appearance for up to three months. [BACK TO TOP]

How does this new advertising medium work?

Passengers are required to take off their shoes and walk alone through the TSA testing station. With their shoes off, passengers will look down to see what they are stepping on (a very natural instinct). They will see the advertisement on the runners in front of them 7 times on average before they put their shoes back on. That’s an extraordinary focused exposure. [BACK TO TOP]

How do BellaMat™ mats and runners reach and influence a totally captive audience?

When you take off your shoes in the TSA line, you are one person, alone, until you put them back on. There are no distractions. What’s more, with your shoes off, you need to look down to see what you are stepping on (a very natural instinct). You have no choice but to see the advertisement on the floor runner beneath your unprotected feet…7 times on average before you put your shoes back on and enter the airport terminal. For an advertiser, it’s the ultimate captive audience. [BACK TO TOP]

How do BellaMat™ mats and runners help advertisers?

They provide a captive audience for advertisers trying to reach the crème de la crème of the American market – flyers and frequent flyers. [BACK TO TOP]

Why advertise in airports?

In airports across the USA, there are over 300 million total departures each year. Each passenger goes through a TSA security line, one person at a time. According to the latest Arbitron® airport study (you can read the entire report online at “Arbitron® Airport Advertising Report”), 18% of airline travelers have an annual HHI of $100K or more, 52% have a college education, and 67% are employed. They are far more likely to buy clothing, jewelry, skin care products, luxury autos, financial services, home entertainment, watch movies, go to live entertainment events, watch sports, and on and on. [BACK TO TOP]

What are the demographics of frequent flyers?

58% of flyers are frequent flyers, taking 5 or more trips per year. These are the movers and shakers of our culture. Always on the move, they are difficult to reach through television or other mainstream media. They are early adapters, who spend on average 30 minutes in airport security. They make much more money, have a much higher education, are much more likely to be employed, and are much more likely to buy luxury and discretionary items in almost every category than the average American and even other flyers. They live throughout the nation and fly fairly evenly throughout the year, an average of 11% per month. You can read exact details online at “Arbitron® Airport Advertising Study.” [BACK TO TOP]

Can BellaMat™ advertising effectively display full color photos/ads?

Yes, the advertisements are brilliant halftones, not flat line art. [BACK TO TOP]

How often are BellaMat™ mats and runners replaced?

They are meant to be replaced every 3 months, but in case of emergency, they can be replaced as needed. We always have extra mats on hand – the advertiser never misses a day. [BACK TO TOP]

How many airports currently use BellaMat™ mats and runners?

We are a new company and are now in negotiations with several airports. We seek clients that are willing to partner with us from the start, growing and prospering with us as we expand our airport network. Presently, our runners are located throughout Miami International Airport’s security lanes. [BACK TO TOP]

What is the cost to advertise on BellaMat™ mats and runners?

Each airport is different based upon the number of security lanes, the number of travelers and the composition of passengers. We have developed pricing per airport that best reflects the value of participating in our advertising program. We want to work with each of our clients to develop an optimal media plan, one that takes into consideration the frequency, quality and cost of BellaMat™ advertising impressions. We want your advertising to work and your brand to achieve optimum success. [BACK TO TOP]

Can I customize BellaMat™ mats and runners to meet my brand needs?

We want to work with our clients to develop the best brand experience possible. We will work with you and do everything physically possible to meet your brand needs. [BACK TO TOP]